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  Purely Print and the environment

Based in a beautiful part of the country makes us very aware of how important it is to preserve our environment.

We are continually striving to reduce our impact on the environment by recycling and reducing waste. We use FSC accredited or recycled papers and vegetable based inks if requested.


Environmental Policy
Purely Print is a company dedicated to printing products with the environment in mind. We print brochures, magazines, stationery, company promotional products and newsletters.

It is the policy of Purely Print to ensure that its activities are managed so as to minimise any impact on the environment, as is reasonably practicable.

In order to achieve this:

  • We will ensure that we comply with existing and future environmental legislation.
  • The Company will manage its product range to ensure that products in the range do not cause unacceptable environmental damage through its receipt, storage, and disposal methods.
  • We encourage our suppliers and customers to adopt the best possible environmental practices.
  • The company will aim to improve the energy efficiency of its premises. When considering future purchases or leases, account will be taken of the energy efficiency of the building, and of the energy costs involved in running those buildings.

Wherever possible the company will seek to minimise waste:

  • Through reduction of unnecessary consumption
  • Through purchasing recycled products and packaging for our own use
  • By sending used printing cartridges to be recycled
  • Thorough re-use of packaging received.
  • Employees are encouraged to travel to work using environment friendly methods
    such as car sharing or use of public transport where practical.

The paper, inks and process chemicals we use, our current working practices and our waste disposal methods are continually reviewed with the view to reducing their environmental impact.

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